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Bangladesh just beat England in the 2nd ODI at Bristol.

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Burma's democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi. Freed from house arrest on 13th Nov.

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stuart broad

Stuart Broad is a super-cute English fast bowler. He's currently trending because he has taken five wickets to cripple the aussie batting order in the final test of the ashes.

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Man of the match of Australia vs Sri Lanka.

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ariel ticona

He was the penultimate miner rescued in Chile. He was in charge of the communications and his baby girl, Esperanza (Hope in English), was born while he was in the mine.

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Cork have just won the All-Ireland Football Final in Croke Park, Dublin.

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Niamh kavanagh is the eurovision contestant for Ireland who made it through to the finals.

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Police have announced that Jo Yeats whos body was found on xmas day after she went missing was murdered and it was by strangulation.

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Alan Johnson named "Shadow Chancellor." People appear to have reservations.

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RCD is a political party in Tunisia.

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