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Trending Topics related to barnaby joyce

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barnaby joyce

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce has announced he is considering running for a seat in the lower house against independent Tony Windsor.

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ian nelson

Ian Nelson, the Queensland State Director of the One Nation Party, is on political talk show Q and A (from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) tonight, Feb 21. People are tweeting reactions to his comments on various issues facing Australian politics at this time.

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malcolm turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull is the Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband of the Australian Liberal Party. He is currently a guest panelist on the Australian political show, Q&A.

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mike carlton

Mike Carlton is radio broadcaster who is appearing on the panel on the Australian ABC-TV programme Q&A.

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julie bishop

Julie Bishop is an Australian politician who vanquished a garden gnome with her renowned Death Stare. No, seriously, look it up. #ywc.

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antony green

abc news cheif election analyst. currently predicting the outcome of the NSW state election. a landslide to the liberal party.

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julian morrow

Julian Morrow is an Australian comedian and television producer from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He was on the TV Show Q&A.

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andrew bolt

A right-wing lunatic that makes Bill O'Reilly look left-wing.

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dear gerry harvey

Australian businessman Gerry Harvey has spoken out to the Australian Government, stating that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) should apply to all online sales under $1000AUD, not just those greater then $1000AUD. Tweeters are penning reasons and short letters to Gerry with their reactions to his statement as well as their own opinions of him and his retail store, Harvey Norman.

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Former Big Brother host Gretel Killeen is on the Australian TV show Q&A.

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