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barnes & noble

Barnes & Noble announced a brand new version of their "Nook" eBook Reader, which is now pocket-sized and has a battery life of two months.

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amazon cloud player

Amazon's online music storage allows you to access music from anywhere on the digital cloud.

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mac app store

Mac OS X Lion is now available for download on the Mac App Store for USD$29.99. People are tweeting about the Mac App Store as it is the only way to get OS X Lion.

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billion downloads

The Apple App Store just hit 10 billion downloads. The person who downloaded the 10 billionth app will be announced soon. He/she will win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card.

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scott pelley

Scott Pelley is replacing Katie Couric as CBS Evening New Anchor.

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british library

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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sony ericsson xperia arc

Sony Ericsson's long-awiated latest top of the range Android smartphone.

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wikileaks app

An unofficial WikiLeaks iOS App was surprisingly accepted by Apple onto the App Store but was later pulled, with no reason given. People are tweeting reasons as to why this may have occurred and to show support for its founder, Julian Assange.

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operation payback

The operation where Paypal gets attacked by DDoS'.

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warner bros

Warner Bros. just #Fired @charliesheen.

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