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A Swiss football team that is playing right now.

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Ex-Berkshire exec David Sokol says he wants to start 'mini' Berkshire Hathaway http://usat.ly/eIrAmS.

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US Treasury will resume selling Citigroup shares.

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Spin off of earnings, file your taxes or you'll soon hear from the I.R.S just ask Wesley Snipes.

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leo kirch

Leo Kirch was a German media mogul until his empire went bankrupt went bankrupt about a decade ago. He died today.

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Clarence Clyde Seedorf is a Dutch footballer who currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Serie A club Milan.

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funny to see my old last name trebd.

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Hurricane Richard is making landfall in Belize.

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Club pero con j jaja.

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Shaktar played against Arsenal yesterday, they lost 5-1, the only goal for shaktar came from Eduardo. (ex-arsenal).

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