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beast kikwang

Lee Ki Kwang is a member of six-member boy band Beast.

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Supporters want the Korean pop group Beast to win a Bonsang award at the Seoul Music Awards. They went on to successfully win the award.

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Korean boy group BEAST/B2ST are having their Welcome Back to B2ST Airline Concert today as well as tomorrow. B2uties are trending #b2stairlineisback to support the boys.

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Korean boy band fans B2UTIES celebrate B2ST's 500th day since debut, starting from 8PM KST.

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Korean band BEAST are having an encore concert. Welcome back to B2ST airline !

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beast won

Beast are the winners of Music Bank, a South Korean music televidion programme aired on KBS.

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Beast are the winners of Music Core, a South Korean music television programme aired on SBS. They won with their song Beautiful.

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Junhyung (rapper) and Yoseob (vocalist) of the Korean band BEAST release their duet song 'Thanks To' today! It is a love letter to fans around the world.

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BEAST's latest duet-unit, Kikwang & Hyunseung, released the MV teaser of their duet song "Let It Snow".

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beast airlines

Korean boy band, Beast will be having their concert in korea.

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