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belas artes

EN: Cinema Belas Artes activities must end by February. PT:Cinema Belas Artes deve encerrar atividades at fevereiro.

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campus party

The Campus Party Brazil is the leading technology event held annually in Brazil with different themes related to the Internet, technology and digital culture.

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Short for "Starts With You", a movement for sustainability. SWU will be organising a festival in Brazil, which Rage Against the Machine have just confirmed they will headline... but no QOTSA.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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gilmar mendes

"Ministro Gilmar Mendes" is an Associate Justice (judge-minister) member of Supreme Federal Court of Brazil (aka STF Supremo Tribunal Federal).

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marcela temer

Marcela Temer is just-inaugurated Brazilian Vice-President Michel Temer's wife. Tweeters are commenting on Marcela's beauty and outfit and on the difference of age between her (27 years old) and her husband (70 years old).

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Director/Writer Quentin Tarantino has released his Top 20 films of 2010.

Similar Topics: Similar topics are not yet computed.

vila cruzeiro

Vila Cruzeiro is a Brazilian slum dangerously located near other slums.

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Mario Monicelli, Italian director, committed suicide on 29th November. He was 95 years old.

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lily marinho

Lily Marinho, the widow of Roberto Marinho - TV mogul in Brazil - passed away today.

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