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beth gouveia

Beth Gouviea it's a character of the novel Passione (transmitted by Rede Globo), interpreted by the actress Fernanda Montenegro.

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toni ramos

Tony Ramos is a Brazilian actor who plays "Tot" on the prime time soap-opera "Passione", in Brazil.

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mariana ximenez

apareciu no #programadoj na segunda comena a novela #Passione onde ela a vil Clara.

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daniel boaventura

Diogo (Daniel Bonaventure), which is actually a police officer, assumed his true identity to Toto (Tony Ramos).

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irene ravache

Irene Ravache is a brazilian actress, and she's playing "Cl", a Funny character on the prime time's soap opera named Passione at the most important TV channel from Brazil, GloboTV.

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fernanda montenegro

fernando torres's real name because hes a long haired puff and bieber in a lesbian both massuve dick heads.

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lionel andres messi

Lionel Messi has 24th birthday today.

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velha porca

'Velha Porca' (Dirty Elderly in portuguese) is how a character in Passione (soap opera on TV Globo) is called because she's a child abuser. People are using the topic to refer do Dilma Rousseff, candidate for presidency, while watching the last presidencial debate on TV Globo, right after Passione.

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talula pascoli

PT: Talula uma das Participantes da Nova Edio do #BBB11. EN: Talula is one of the participants of the new edition of Brazil Big Brother.

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patricia pillar

She is a Brazilian actress. Her main role was Flora.

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