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Video that is showing people wripping Justin Bieber's poster.

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Do it! Do it! Do it! www.Twieber.com.

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Some lady who brought horror upon us.

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July 7th, 1 year has passed since One Time hit ITunes, we beliebers are so proud of you Justin, you've come so far. We Love You, your music will stay forever we promise. Have fun in north korea.

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First Letter Flip Around - started by Nick Jonas. Justin Bieber = Bustin Jieber.

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Justin Bieber is nominated for a Best New Artist award on the BET Awards tonight. His fans are tweeting in support.

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Twitter is experienceing a virus, its CALLED BEIBER FEVER. and apperently, TWITTER IS JUST IMUNE TO IT.

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bieber trend

bieber fans are mad that "justin bieber" is blocked from trending!!! D=.

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Singer Justin Bieber is a controversial topic. I have linked to his Wikipedia bio. He is loved and hated. Bottom line, he dominates the Twitter trends.

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justin bieber

A talented Canadian R&B/pop singer who has a lot of crazy fangirls.

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