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bishop eddie

Eddie Long was accused of coercing two of his male members into having sex while they were teens.

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bishop eddie long

Bishop Eddie Long, a well renowned preacher in Atlanta GA addresses his church (New Birth) today regarding the four accusations brought up by males in his church stating they were coerced to having sex with him. Long states in his service today that he will fight the charges.

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Ravens/ASU sack machine.

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Jonathan Brookins Wins TUF 12 Ultimate Fighter Finale.

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Zab Judah is fighting Lucas Lucas Matthysse in New Jersey, his first fight in four months.

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Bishop is a member of the cathloic church.

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Lagarrette Blount carried the ball for 120 yards and 2 touchdowns versus the Arizona Cardinals. His effort was highlighted on a play in the 4th quarter where he hurdled over an Arizona defender.

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don lemon

The CNN anchor is currently on the air broadcasting the Whitney Houston Homegoing service and explaining why words like Homegoing is used.

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bK born washed up fighter who would have had a future but wasted his talents partying.

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Brian Pumper stink. www.demboyzmusic.com.

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