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Dibilangin pelawak dr Indonesia.

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Indonesian Television channel. Being trending because of shouting the 'Blokir Blackberry'.

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Muslims' instigation to eat before dawn. They can do fasting after it, as part of Ramadhan.

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HFD is an acronym for Happy Friendship Day. Spend it with your friend!

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Racun or Poison (english) becomes popular because two girls Shinta and Jojo lipsync the song 'Keong Racun' and uploaded the video on YouTube. These girls are cute with their face expressions and the lyrics also make you.

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Keong Racun is a new Dangdut song from Indonesia.

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On August, 17th 2010, Indonesia is going to celebrate their 65th Independence Day! It will be celebrated by a flag raising ceremony at the National Palace, as well as at Indonesian Embassies all around the world.

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People are talking about what they were like in school.

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The prayers which muslims hold every night during the holy month of Ramadan. By the end of the month the whole of the Qur'an is recited by the imam (leader of the prayers).

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Part of a duo from a Malaysian cartoon show (Upin Ipin), Ipin is trending because the Indonesians joke how Si Unyil (Indonesian classic cartoon) is going to face Upin Ipin in the final of 2010 AFF Cup.

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