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blood libel

Ex-Governor Sarah Palin charges her critics with '"blood libel".

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Christine O'Donnell is the new GOP nominee for the Delaware Senate seat, having benefited from tea party support.

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Steele High School is advancing on to the State Championship for Texas high school football.

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Anthony Weiner, a congressman from New York, was livid with Republicans for not passing a bill to give long-term medical benefits to 9/11 first responders.

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Christine O'Donnell is the new GOP nominee for the Delaware Senate seat, having benefited from Tea Party support.

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State of the Union address to be delivered by President Obama Wednesday, January 27.

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CBO stands for Congressional. Budget Office. The CBO is the non-partisan budget estimator for Congress. It calculates how much each piece of proposed legislation would cost the taxpayers. This is directly tied with the Senate Finance Committee's insurance reform bill which Obama is looking at

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glenn beck

The women from the View criticized Glenn Beck.

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Who cares? Next topic.

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geraldine ferraro

Geraldine Ferraro, first woman and Italian-American to run on national ticket, dies at 75.

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