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Venezuelans have 7h waiting for congressional election's results. System is state of the art technology. Information black out from CNE. Why?.

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La mardita de Tiby, la que da los resultados.

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Venezuelan host of the Miss Venezuela 2010.

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Quiero un novio.

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popy put it right there!!! oh popy make squel! love it when my latino gf calls me popy! omg!!!!

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maldito chavez

Because our president did a stupid thing.

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sandra oblitas

Provost and vice president of Venezuela's National Electoral Council.

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william lara

William Lara, gobernador de estado Gurico, Venezuela, sufre un accidente automovilistico,aun desaparecido/ Gurico State Gobernor, in Venezuela, he is missing after a car accident. Hes dead but the goverment wants to cover it.

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The state-run Conviasa ATR-42 airliner was en route between the tourist island of Margarita and Ciudad Guayana in eastern Venezuela when it crashed today.

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