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Jair Bolsonaro is a politician who exposed his racist and anti-democratic tendencies in the program live CQC.

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jair bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro Messiah is a Brazilian politician in his sixth term in the Chamber of Deputies.

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members of a brazilian trotskyst party were arrested for protesting against Obama.

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cibele dorsa

People are reporting that she has committed suicide.

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Political debate between candidates for presidents of Brazil, which occurs in the TV Band. http://bandnewstv.band.com.br/conteudo.asp?ID=370791.

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gilmar mendes

"Ministro Gilmar Mendes" is an Associate Justice (judge-minister) member of Supreme Federal Court of Brazil (aka STF Supremo Tribunal Federal).

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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ana hickman

Ana Hickman is host brazilian.

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Brazilians are using the Internet to chat with their President: http://twitcam.livestream.com/2scs4.

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Jos Serra, the brazilian candidate in the presidential elections for the PSDB (Brazilian Social-Democratic Party), was recently hit by a paper ball allegedly thrown by some Workers Party (PT) supporters while campaigning in Rio de Janeiro's streets for his election. He feigned that he was injured 20 minutes after the paperball had hit him, trying to create public commotion by stating that he was hit by a larger object without any proof of it. He accused his opponent, but nobody really bought it, they know it was all planned by him and his party to get attention. His action was compared to the famous fake injury simulated by Rojas, a former chilean goalkeapper, that took place in Maracana, 1989. The empirical video-graphic evidence of the event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsrPo1fjWkw. http://migre.me/1Guch.

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