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"Gs Brasiliano", a company recently owned by Petrobras, a brazilian petroleum company.

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Because exhibited the Brazilian presidential debate, on TV and Internet.

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Naheed Nenshi surprised many as the first visible minority to win a Calgary mayoral race and saw tremendous support from social media users during his campaign.

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silver ferns

New Zealanders are tweeting about their national netball team, the Silver Ferns, who have just won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

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Campaa a favor de la Lucha contra el Cncer de Senos.

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Barbra billingsly the actress who played june cleaver passed away today.

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Coracy is the name of one of the Brazilian undecided electors posing questions to the candidates on Globo TV presidential debate. "Coracy"and "Misterly" are trending because they are very atypical names for Brazilians.

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Es un actor venezolano que visita mc donalds un dia / Hes an venezuelan actor and hes visiting mc donalds one day.

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mill financial

Mill Financial was involved in a failed takeover of Liverpool Football Club, in asociation with Tom Hicks.

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