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brazil misses demi

brazilian lovatics miss Demi Lovato! Demi, we need you RIGHT NOW! come back and we give you brigadeiro.

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Os Lovatics brasileiros esto relembrando o quo foram felizes h um ano atrs, quando Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) estava aqui para duas incrveis apresentaes.

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fix a heart

Demi Lovato news album Unbroken is out Sept 20!! Fix A Heart is one of the tracks. Don't Forget 2 buy it!!!!

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brazil needs demi

Because europeans lovatics made a TT so now they made another one saying they need Demi Lovato in their country.

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happy birthday mcdlove

It's a nickname for the superstar Demi Lovato, happy 19th birthday babygirl.

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good luck demi

Tonight Demi is performing a whole concert for the first time in nearly a year! LOVATICS are proud of her!

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Demi Lovato's new album 'Unbroken' is out SEPTEMBER 20TH.

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unbroken on itunes at midnight

Demi Lovato's album "Unbroken" will be available on iTunes at Midnight.

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happy birthday demi

It's Demi Lovato 19th birthday.

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demi sexy lovato

Demi is sexy, the TT is pretty self explanatory. Lovatics are showing their love!

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