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brenda ganhou

Berna is the winner of Brazil program show Jovens Talentos.

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bruna rocha

She's a young singer who participates on Raul Gil's tv show. Check 'Jovens Talentos' trending topic.

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Former member from "Los Hermanos", a famous brazilliam music band.

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jovens talentos

Jovens Talentos (or "Young Talents") is a part of the Brazilian TV show called "Raul Gil" and people are discussing the performers.

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Los Hermanos is a Brazilian band, which is leaded by Marcelo Camelo. They're playing at this moment in SWU festival.

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marcos mion

marcos mion its a presenter of "legendrios" in brazil.

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people are talking about a Worldwide voleyball game between Brazil and Italy whicht is going on now.

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lei maria

Monique Evans mistook Lei Maria da Penha (Law that prohibits violence against women) with Lei Maria da Graa.

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Brazil's Men Volleyball Coach. Brazil's just conquered his third World Championship in Volleybal this Sunday.

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Crio de Nazar in Belm Brazil is one of the largest and most popular annual religious processions in the world. In 2008, the event attracted more than two million people. Thats one third the number expected to show up to Oktoberfest.

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