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buju banton

Grammy winning reggae artist Buju Banton was found guilty on Coke related crimes.

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Buju's fate with be decided today #FreeBuju #Thatisall.

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cali swag district

California swag district is a hip hop group who performed on the bet awards red carpet.

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Gregory Isaacs, reggae music great, died on Monday, Oct 25.

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Teena is the stage name of reporter Mia Melo on the Brazilian TV program Legendrios da Rede Record.

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mister cee

Comments on an unconfirmed rumor about DJ Mr. Cee.

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gil scott-heron

Morre aos 62 anos o cantor e poeta Gil Scott-Heron. http://bit.ly/jNeAwp.

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shady records

Eminem Signs Yelawolf & Slaughterhouse to Shady Records.

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Jonas Bevacqua heads Lifted Research Group, most commonly known as L-R-G, an Orange County based clothing brand.

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Swizzy = Alicia Key's baby daddy. He is on that Power Remix.

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