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butequis negads

PT: Sexta-Feira Dia de BUTEQUIS NEGADS. Dia de se divertir e ter muito Happy Hour... Chega de trabalho e vamos curtir... EN: Friday is Day BUTEQUIS NEGADS. Have fun and go to a happy hour.

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fernanda vasconcellos

Fernanda Vasconcellos aparece sem umbigo em um comercial da TV.

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paola bracho

Evil villain from the soap opera named "la usurpadora", made by Venezuelan Gabriela Spanic.

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luca toni

Luca Toni is an Italian football player who has been signed to Juventus in Turin, Italy.

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chapolin colorado

Chapolin Colorado (El Chapulin Colorado), antiga srie cmica mexicana de sucesso na TV brasileira, poder virar filme. "No contavam com minha astcia" disse o prprio.

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eduardo cullen

Brazilians are complaining about the translation of Twilight character Edward Cullen's name to Portuguese "Eduardo" in the dubbed version aired right now on Globo TV (Tuesday night, Dec 29, 2010).

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Phrses that dictate your life.

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"Tweet uma palavra ridicula" in english means "Tweet an odd word". It's kind like a game where people tweet an odd word from brazilian portuguese leanguage.

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Homenagem dos fs ao @Caco_grandino. #FNX.

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emmanuelle alt

Emmanuelle Alt Named French Vogue's New Editor-In-Chief.

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