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cala boca justen

Brazilians are angry at Justin Bieber for being unpolite to a Brazilian TV show hostess and are telling him to shut up.

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justen bieber

People are having difficulty getting "Justin Bieber" to trend, so they resort to spelling his name differently.

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A Brazilian TV show (Pnico na TV) sent their hostess to the USA to interview Justin Bieber but she didn't speak English and couldn't say his name correctly. He corrected her a few times and JUSTEN is how she spell it.

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felipe nardoni

Felipe Nardoni was chosen as one of the "eyecandies" of Brazilian teen magazine Capricho. There was a rumor that he had attempted suicide but he says on Twitter it was a misunderstanding and untrue.

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dona delma

Jose Serra for president! Vote 45.

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everybody hates restart

As a reaction to Restart's fans' trends, users are expressing their dislike of the Brazilian band.

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Comedor is a slang in Brazil that means someone that have sex with a lot of people. It's trending because of a video.

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Restart, a popular teenage band with a self-proclamed Happy Rock style, was literally booed by people at the show for winning the VMB awards.

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cala boca coloridas

It means "Shut up Colorful" in reference to the fans of the brazilian band 'Restart'. Is a reaction to their TTs. The band is hated for singing "Happy Rock".

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ana buceta

It is the name of a soccer player, but in Brazil it means "horny Vagina" but with the worst term possible.

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