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Because Chavez no longer has the 2/3 he needs to pass the most important laws...

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La baranda tiene un juju con el detector de metales.

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Venezuela is screwed up. Chavez se jodio dejen de escribir en ingles pajuos.

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"Zulianos"...is how the Venezuelan refer to the people of Zulia, a state where the "oposicion" (people against Chavez) won the elections.

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distrito capital

Capital de Venezuela. Votacion general 52% Oposicion vs 48% Chavismo. A nivel nac Chavez YA NO TIENE MAYORIA.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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sistema electoral

Lo que controla Venezuela, CREEN EN NADIEN.

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El detector de metales que se ha visto por 5 horas en Globovision.

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La mardita de Tiby, la que da los resultados.

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Lo que hubiera pasado de ser el Titanic una pelicula Venezolana. por @AndrumXD.

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