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capcom 3

Evidently the 3rd game in the Marvel Vs Capcom series has been announced.

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playstation move

"Wii too!" says Sony

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duke nukem forever

Duke Nukem Forever, originally shown at E3 in 1999, was due for release in April, but has been delayed until 10th June (uk) and 14th June (US).

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Batman: Arkham City is the name of the second part of the Rocksteady's game Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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Ubisoft showed off Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

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red dead

Red Dead Redemption is a new open world game from the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar games.

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duke nukem

Duke Nukem Forever was demoed for the first time this weekend at PAX Prime. The game has had a notoriously long and difficult development, which spans 13+ years and multiple temporary cancellations.

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People attending the famous GamesCom convention are letting their followers know about the latest news and updates coming out from GamesCon 2010. One of the biggest announcements has been Microsoft's new focus on its 'Games for Windows' brand by combining single signin, updates and offers (similar to Valve Corp's Steam G/CDN) and the release date of the Kinect (hands-free Xbox 360 controller, to be Nov. 10, 2010).

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dead redemption

Red Dead Redemption is Rockstar Games new title available today for PS3 & 360. The game follows reformed outlaw John Marston on a quest to capture or kill his former gang as the era of the Wild West comes to a close in 1911.

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It's free until May 24th to celebrate the release of the Steam game platform for Mac.

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