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carles puyol

Spanish football (soccer) player. Scored Spain's winning goal in the World Cup semifinal match against Germany on July 7.

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wesley sneijder

Midfielder for Holland football squad, recognized for his creativity and accurate free kicks.

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arjen robben

Most loved footballplayer in Thr Netherlands, a.k.a. "The man of glass". Gave away a nice performance in the last 15 min pin his blackberry 20F6BF7F.

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carlos tevez

Player for the Argentina national soccer team that scored an offside goal.|| offside is the key word.

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jermain defoe

England footballer Jermain Defoe's father has died, causing Defoe to temporarily return home from Euro 2012.

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Soccer team Werder Bremen is facing Sampdoria in the Champions League match.

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Danish football player.

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enrique vera

He is a Paraguayan player in the Worl Cup that scored the first Goal against Slovakias. PAR 1-0 SVK.

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Socceroos player who got red card on his last game against ghana. Yeaaaaah kewell.

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diego forlan

He just won the Fifa Golden Ball for players of the World Cup.

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