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chris stokes

Raz B and Chris Brown are involved in a Twitter beef. Raz B has accused Chris Stokes, the former manager of B2K, of sexually molesting him.

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lil fizz

Lil Fizz has admitted to heavy drug use.

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got served

The movie "You Got Served" recently aired on American TV.

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@ChrisBrown called @razb2k a #HomoThug.

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Raz B (@razb2k) tweeted several times to @Rihanna, proclaiming his love for her, then called out Eric Benet and Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) for disrespecting Halle Berry and Rihanna. Chris Brown retaliated with some tweets of his expressing his opinions.

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ricky romance

@rickyromance is @razb2k's brother and supposedly got involved in the beef between @chrisbrown & @razb2k.

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Chris browns new song it slays every song out there and the video is epic yeah yeah yeah.

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People are talking about hip hop groceries... I can't wait for #bestdayever by @MacMiller.

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lil kim diss

Nicki Minaj has released a new Diss Track towards Lil Kim titled "Tragedy"! Nicki fans responded by going nuts via twitter. Lil Kim has not yet spoke on the subject. Its gonna get hot out here! Get your SunDrop today!

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college hill

Its the Real World only with Negro people.

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