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Users are tweeting about Chris Brown's new song "Yeah 3X."

Similar Topics: #cbushertour, #yeah3x, #betbreezy, more topics...


Chris Brown is teaming up with Usher for some concert. Best tour of the year!

Similar Topics: #yeah3x, #betbreezy, chrisbrown, more topics...


Chris browns new song it slays every song out there and the video is epic yeah yeah yeah.

Similar Topics: fameandfortune, #fame2011, #cbushertour, more topics...


It's supposed to be #betBieber not breezy.

Similar Topics: #betchris, #cbushertour, happybdaybreezy, more topics...


The highly anticipated album from the amazing talented artist that is Chris Brown! The trending topic was started by @ChrisBrownWeb and #teamBreezy.

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F.A.M.E. & Fortune is the name of singer Chris Brown's new album, which comes out March 22 2011.

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Chris Brown fans are supporting him for the BET Fandemonium contest! The winner will be announced at the BET Awards airing June 27th!

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@ChrisBrown's album FAME & Fortune drops March 22.

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Happy 21st Birthday, @ChrisBrown!!

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Because @ChrisBrown's FAME&Fortune album is gonna be released on 3/22! #BreezyDoesIt. #TeamBreezy.

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