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Javier orozco delantero de cruz azul (equipo de futbol mexicano ) anoto 4 goles en la bictoria de su equipo.

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cruz azul

Joe dance wakawaka.

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feminl is the spanish word for female. people are talking about the tie between the japanese and mexican female soccer teams.

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Chilean Carlos Reinoso was named coach of Mexico's America football (soccer) club.

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Necaxa a football team from Mexico.

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Enrique Esqueda, uno ms de los mediocres jugadores del equipo WC (todo jugador que llega se vuelve excremento) y "en el pas de los ciegos, el tuerto es rey", o sea, el Club Amrica.

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Monarcas is a Mexican soccer team that is currently playing against santos. Who is losing 7 to 1.

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paco stanley

Francisco "Paco" Jorge Stanley Albaitero (July 3, 1942 - June 7, 1999) was a Mexican television entertainer.

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Wizards of Wavery Place.

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