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chupa porcada

So Paulo football team beat Palmeiras in the Brazilian Championship. "CHUPA PORCADA" is some kind of cursing to all Palmeiras fans.

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Today is national holiday in Brazil. The best goalkeeper in the world, the captain Rogerio Ceni is completing 20 years in the best football team in the world So Paulo Futebol Clube. 3x Intercontinental Cup Champion | 3 x Champion of the Copa Libertadores of America | 6 x Brazilian Champion (@ caldeiragui).

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Comemorao dos 75 anos de histria do maior clube brasileiro, SPFC, O soberano que h 4 anos no consegue ganhar do maior rival, o S. C. Corinthians.

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tiririca morreu

People tweeting the supposed death of Brazilian humorist Tiririca, famous for his song "Florentina de Jesus". He is currently running for a congressional seat in the upcoming tomorrow (03/10/2010) elections. It's a virus sent trough email that steal orkut data.

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luan santana eternamente vesgo

"Luan Santana eternally cross-eyed". Brazilian country singer Luan Santana has been on the TTs recently because of his annoying silly fans. Now, his annoying silly haters wanna share with the world the fact that he's strabic.

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cala boca coloridas

It means "Shut up Colorful" in reference to the fans of the brazilian band 'Restart'. Is a reaction to their TTs. The band is hated for singing "Happy Rock".

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#chupacorinthians uma tag usada para zoar os corinthianos que acharam que Libertadores pra time pequeno.

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pedro lucas munhoz

Pedro Lucas Munhoz is the singer and guitarist of the Brazilian band "Restart".

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esporte clube noroeste

It refers to Esporte Clube Noroeste, a Brazilian football club based in Bauru. It is celebrating its 100th anniversary today, September 1st, 2010.

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