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Nueva barbie Cisnes.

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pep rally

phical matter thst is shot from the rectal cavity.

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Holland (The Netherlands) will be playing Uruguay during the next Fifa World Championship battle. It's the semi-final.

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Brazilian "Teacher's Day" was yesterday (Oct. 15th) but many people thinkss it's today.

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Because it's sucks.

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"Mestres" is the portuguese word for "masters" (Magister, in Latim). It's trending because yesterday was teacher's day there and they gently refer to professors as masters.

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World will know that few stood against a many.

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It's just people said the word "windy" in different context but at the same time. That's why it became one of the trending topics.

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@kiaraaaaa is a hoe.

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A banda "colorida" Restart participou do programa da Rede TV Globo, "Video Show."

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