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Pleope are tweeting about the clasification of the soccer team Inter of Porto Alegre to the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores de America.

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palmeiras' soccer player who scores twice today!

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Nise Palhares is a Brazilian musician and author. She (he) is playing on dolos (Brazilian Idol).

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laura bozzo

She was a sand worm years ago and now she is in mexico diggin it.

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To zero or to score zero (lose). Currently trending as Twitter was showing zero followers for users for a while.

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maria alice

A contestant who was just voted off "dolos", the Brazilian version of "American Idol".

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Laura Bozzo, conductora de Laura es de Todos. Reconocida por frases como "Que pase la amantee!."

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What the important neko gattai?.

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they f.ollow mrs.wavylicious -g the whole thing. In her mouth.

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What is friggin pelanza?.

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