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Football player Junior Seau drives over a cliff, after being arrested for domestic violence charges.

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Junior Seau, former NFL player, drove his vehicle off a cliff after being arrested. Was released from hospital earlier.

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edgar renteria

Edgar Renteria got the San Francisco Giants game winning 3 run home run in the world series as well as being named MVP of the World Series.

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brooks conrad

Atlanta Braves second baseman Brooks Conrad committed three errors today against the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter against the Reds in the NL playoffs in his playoff debut.

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Manny Pacquiao refuses to take a blood test so he can fight Floyd Mayweather. After the Mayweather Mosley fight many tweeters are realizing that Manny is the only one who MAY be able to beat Mayweather.

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dallas braden

A pitcher for the Oakland Athletics who just threw a perfect game against Tampa Bay, making it just the 19th perfect game in MLB history.

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The Tampa Bay Rays were on the losing side of the perfect game thrown by Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle.

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MLB postseason starts today, October 6, 2010 with three games: Texas @ Tampa Bay, Cincinnati @ Philadelphia, & New York Yankees @ Minnesota.

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carl crawford

Carl Crawford couldn't come up with a fly ball hit to him, allowing the winning run to score for Baltimore. With the Red Sox losing, they are out of the playoffs.

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