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Users are Tweeting both about Cody Simpson and the TV series Zack & Cody.

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A three year old girl was filmed crying over Justin Bieber. People are arguing saying it was a scam just to meet him.

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Teen singer and Internet sensation Justin Drew Bieber is turning 16 on March 1st.

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Some lady who brought horror upon us.

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Mostly girls are tweeting about things that Canadian teen singer Justin Bieber does, which they love.

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Justin Bieber Never Let You Go music video was comes out today and his fans are excited.

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People are tweeting how they are praying for the world because of the earthquake that struck in Chile sending out tsunami warnings affecting more and more countries as we speak.

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Do it! Do it! Do it! www.Twieber.com.

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Beliebers started this because Justin Bieber rocks, and we love him.

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school gyrls

Justin Bieber will debut as an actor on the small screen tonight in the musical comedy film 'School Gyrls' tonight on Nickelodeon.

Similar Topics: cody, #iloveitwhenjustin, #happybirthdayjustin, more topics...

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