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colorados are the supporters of soccer team Internacional, who won libertadores cup yesterday.

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PT: relacionado ao Clube de Futebol Gremio-RS, que completou 107 anos de existencia. EN: The Brazilian football club Gremio celebrates it's 107th year.

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Tinga is a brazilian soccer player. Tonight he debut for Palmeiras and scored the winning goal.

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Can we speak english?.

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Chivas is trending because of the death of the most best scorer in the history of the team, Salvador Reyes (1936-2012).

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carlos alberto

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Muteba Kidiaba is a goalkeeper for the football team Mazembe.

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Cristina Odone, is an Italian journalist, living in the United Kingdom. She is trending right now over her article, "The Lib Dems' spooky posse of internet pests. ."

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Mazembe is an African soccer team, that defeated the South American team, Internacional, by 2-0 and for the first time an African team goes to the finals of the FIFA Club World Cup.

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Fossati was the coach of International. He just got fired.

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