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Comedor is a slang in Brazil that means someone that have sex with a lot of people. It's trending because of a video.

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propaganda eleitoral

Ngopo too rek rek,, ora penting banget kon, ayo podo turu kabeh, bar saur iki!! Jancuk!!

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felipe nardoni

Felipe Nardoni was chosen as one of the "eyecandies" of Brazilian teen magazine Capricho. There was a rumor that he had attempted suicide but he says on Twitter it was a misunderstanding and untrue.

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vanusa ataca

"Vanusa strikes again" a link for a youtube video where a 60's brazilian singer forgot the lyrics of a song. Again. The first time was in the Deputy Chamber, while singing the national anthem.

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ana buceta

It is the name of a soccer player, but in Brazil it means "horny Vagina" but with the worst term possible.

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vanusa ataca novamente

@PaulieMane Brazilian singer Vanusa, for the second time, sings the wrong lyics to a song, on tv. First occasion was when she attempted to sing Brazil's National Anthem. It is said she was under medication.

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edson celulari

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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It's Portuguese, in English it means "Lying in 4 words."

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ranger azul

David Yost is an American actor, best known for playing the character Billy, Blue Ranger. He assumed he's gay.

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enem cancelado

The Brazilian 2010 National High School Examination, known by its Portuguese language acronym ENEM, was canceled. It has been its effects suspended by a decision from Federal Court this Monday (Nov, 8/2010). The Court decision has effects only on the Saturday(Nov, 6/2010) tests.

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