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CPMF is a tax that "haunts" brazilian people. It is not active nowadays but there is discussion to bring it back. The tax was used between 1997 and 2007 with a tax rate of 0,38% of all bank transactions. Supposedly all the money government made with CPMF went to heath care.

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Great American Contempory Rock Group. Trending Because Of Their Awesomeness.

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Hashtag de quem apoia um Brasil soberano e livre de petistas.

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The Swedish pop duo Roxette is one of the headliners at the 31st edition of Bospop 9 and July 10, 2011 in Weert.

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IDH (indice de Desenvolvimento Humano) stands for HDI (Human Development Index). It is a composite statistic used to rank countries by level of "human development" . Brazil ranks 73th in the ranking of 169 nations reported by UN HDI Listing. (Nov,5/2010).

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It means "Tipping point 45". It is the hashtag to express the push for voters on the final sprint for Mr. Jose Serra running as a Brazilian presidential candidate for the second round of 2010 Brazilian Elections which will take place on Oct, 31st/2010.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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It means "I want 45". Hashtag promoted by Jose Serra's supporters. 45 is his ballot/party number. Elections are going on right now in Brazil.

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rip andy

Andy Irons (Three times World Surf Champion) died of Degue fever.

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financial times

Financial Times is an American business journal that declared that Jose Serra, a man who runs for be a President of Brazil, is the best one for wining the elections.

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