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Tragic events took place in Cumbria, UK today when taxi driver Derrick Bird shot 12 people and left 25 injured (of which 3 are critical and 5 seriously injured) and then took his own life. Thoughts are with family, friends and residents of the area. People worried about family and friends should call the police on 0800 0960 095.

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Memphis users are tweeting about things going on in the sub-city of Whitehaven in Tennessee.

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Leaders of the UK's three main political parties, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg, met for the third and final time before the May 6 election on Thursday, 29 April.

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lib dems

The Liberal Democrats have surged in popularity after Nick Clegg's appearance on the Leaders' Debates, and people are discussing the party.

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People are tweeting about May 6th's UK General Election results. It is official, there is a hung parliament. The Tory Party only have a minor majority over the Labour Party, but BREAKING NEWS have struck a deal with the Liberal Democrats. Britain will have a Tory/LibDem government, ruled by Cameron (Clegg, deputy PM or Chancellor).

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prime minister

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party, has just become the UK's new Prime Minister after visiting the Queen and accepting her offer to form a government. Cameron has confirmed the government will be a Conservative/Lib Dem "proper and full coalition".

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The UK manhunt for Raoul Moat, wanted for the shooting of three people has ended with him taking his own life during a 6hour stand off with Police in Rothbury. A letter has been found in which Moat explains that he "did if for teh lulz", investigators are trying to detirmine the meaning of this.

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gillian duffy

Mr Brown was apparently describing Gillian Duffy, 65, who demanded that the Prime Minister say sorry after she learned of the comments.

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British Broadcasting Corporation is one of the world's most respected news sources and is used the world over for its reliable, impartial reporting. Generally when the BBC trends it is because of a combination of tweets on different BBC related topics and links.

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Ed Miliband has been appointed as the new leader of the Labour party in the UK.

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