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Trending Topics related to cyber bully

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cyber bully

a hard-hitting drama airing at 8 pm Sunday on ABC Family about a teen being bullied via the internet.

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tom petterson

People just need to leave him alone. Like I love Justin and all, but don't wish death on the dude. Chill out Biebers. Justin ain't dead.

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Wit yo got damn _______ #faceass.....Fill in the blank with the joke of you choice.

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jelly donut

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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People are tweeting about the disgrace to the Mean Girls name which is Mean Girls 2.

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People are sharing what makes them smile.

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bang bang bang

Bang Bang Bang is Selena Gomez's new song!! Avaliable on iTunes the 7th of June.

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Tweeters are mentioning fellow Twitter users, other people, places, things or idea that belong together.

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justin & biebtards

Stating that Justin Bieber's fanbase is made up mostly of those with mental retardation.

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