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Daesung is a member of the South Korean band Big Bang. He was involved in a car accident with a taxi that supposedly killed a motorcyclist, but police announced that the motorcyclist who was found dead had already been killed in a hit and run before the accident. Daesung was released.

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following the car accident, no matter what are the rumors or truth, we will support and encourage Big Bang's Daesung.

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music core

Korean music show by broadcasting company MBC.

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#VVIP is the title track of Seungri's solo album , Seungri (Bigbang Member) realeased his mini album on 20th January 2011 , and Their fanbase (VIPs) are trending #vvip for seungri.

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2NE1(To Anyone) is an All-Girl Korean Pop group that is having their comeback with a full album titled "To Anyone" coming out September 9. Fans are tweeting with excitement.

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Korean boy band Big Bang is currently operating a music concert.

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jay park

Jay Park or Park Jaebum is a boy of Art of Movement in Seattle and was once a leader of a Korean boy group 2PM.

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Special VIP always love TOP..he is birthday 23th..TOP its best rapper,best actor multitalented boy from BIGBANG (southkorea)#happybirthdayTOP.

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It was recently announced that actress Hwang Jung Eum and 2AMs leader Jo Kwon will be joining CNBLUEs Jung Yonghwa as MCs for the upcoming Korean pop special, 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun on December 29th,

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music bank

Music Bank is a music show broadcasted by KBS every friday in South Korea. It is trending now because KARA won today.

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