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darren fletcher

He is a Scottish footballer.

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wayne rooney

Outed after cheatin on his wife.

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aidy boothroyd

Coventry City relieve manager Adrian Boothroyd of his duties with immediate effect.

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eric cantona

Footballer Eric Cantona is to become Director of Sport at New York Cosmos.

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robert huth

Robert Huth is a defender for English Premier League side, Stoke City. Huth scored a goal in the match versus Sunderland.

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adam johnson

Boro academy product, man city future hero!

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stuart holden

Holland?? Is the netherlands stupid. Yall sound really GAY! Give my number to ur momma and ur ugly sister!

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louis saha

Louis Saha is a striker for Everton FC.

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gary neville

Gary Neville (also known as Red Nev) is a footballer for Manchester United, who is known for bad tackles, yet amazingly getting away with them. Jan 1st 2011, Neville escaped any punishment for a reckless challenge in penalty box against West Brom.

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danny welbeck

Manchester United player Danny Welbeck has scored the equalising goal for England U21 v Spain U21.

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