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david mitchell

Dont think this is about the British comedian David Mitchell.

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10 O'Clock Live is currently showing on Channel 4 for the first time. It's a satire programme, starring Charlie Booker, David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr and Lauren Laverne.

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Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu is supporting a filibuster of the current tax deal.

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zsa gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor is hospitalized and will have part of a leg amputated.

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congresswoman gabrielle

Because she is a Tucson rep who was shot earlier today by a young man. She is currently in the ICU and is not known if she is going to make it. The shooter is in custody.

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mohamed elbaradei

Egyptian activist Mohamed ElBaradei said Hosni Mubarak's appointment of a vice president and a new prime minister was useless.

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People are tweeting about the British Labour Party and how they've just announced their latest manifesto of lies.

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Alan Johnson named "Shadow Chancellor." People appear to have reservations.

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A path has been drilled to the 33 trapped miners. Could be rescued by Tuesday!

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Police have announced that Jo Yeats whos body was found on xmas day after she went missing was murdered and it was by strangulation.

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