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dear anne

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purp & patron

Rapper @thegame released a mixtape today at 4:20 called Purp & Patron.

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cory gunz

EN: Lil Wayne ft Cory Gunz 67 (NEW MUSIC) - PT:Lil Wayne Cory Gunz ft "6'7" (MSICA NOVA)

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green & yellow

Lil Wayne's 'Green and Yellow' retort to the original Wiz Khalifa 'Black and Yellow.

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Nominated for 2 Grammys in spite of not having an album. And he was fresh as hell

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fitted cap

Maybach Music Group's Wale, Meek Mill and President Rick Ross link up with Roc Nation's golden boy J. Cole for Fitted Cap.

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Roy Oswalt came into left field as Raul Ibas played first because of Ryan Howard getting thrown out tonight.

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maybach music

Rapper Rick Ross @rickyrozay leaked the much anticipated Maybach Music 3 featuring @Tip @fatbellybella and @therealKiss... 99% of people tweeting this tag can't even afford a maybach.

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shady records

Eminem Signs Yelawolf & Slaughterhouse to Shady Records.

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lil kim diss

Nicki Minaj has released a new Diss Track towards Lil Kim titled "Tragedy"! Nicki fans responded by going nuts via twitter. Lil Kim has not yet spoke on the subject. Its gonna get hot out here! Get your SunDrop today!

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