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Football club playing against Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League.

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Dinamo Kiev is playing in Amsterdam Arena against Ajax. Ajax's up 2-0 before the break.

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Loting is the dutch word for Draw. Champions League Draw.

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Hashtag for Secret Story 4, a French Reality TV show.

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major major

Wkakak parah explain tadi, parah banyak cheat ,pangkat PB!

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Ex. #ilikeyoubecause your hairstyle isn't like justin bieber.

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Ruud Lubbers, former Dutch prime minister and former UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Today he called for a 'time-out' in the talks about a government coalition.

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Dell Tops Hewlett-Packard's Bid For 3Par.

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You gotta say that to get @Thalegacy to follow you.(www.demboyzmusic.com).

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Staff of The Power Holding Company of Nigeria are on strike in protest against the nonpayment of their monetisation arrears among others. The entire country is currently without electricity as residents await the Governments action on a promise made to pay 20,000 staff from today.

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