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Yoon Doojoon, leader of South Korean boy band BEAST/B2ST, joined Twitter today.

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Fans are celebrating the birthday of Son Dongwoon, the youngest member of South Korean boyband B2ST (BEAST).

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Say Happy Birthday to @beeeestdj or Doo Joon the leader of boyband called B2ST/BEAST, he's 21st now and 22nd in korea^o^.

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The Korean boy band BEAST won Mnet countdown today, 160 days after their debut with their song 'SHOCK' . Beauties (BEAST's fans) are really happy and celebrating this moment

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Korean boyband MBLAQ won their first no. 1 on MNet M!Countdown with their song 'Y'. Fans are tweeting to congratulate them.

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3OOASIS celebrates the 300th day of K-Pop male group BEAST. It represents 300 + OASIS, the name of one of BEAST's songs.

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Lee Sungmin of Super Junior just made a twitter account, already confirmed and so fans (called ELFs) are welcoming him to the cybersociety.

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It's been 700 days since Korean band SHINee debuted. Fans (shawols) are wishing them a happy anniversary!

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Fans are showing their support for the K-pop idol group SHINee.

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Hyukjae is the real name of Super Junior's Eunhyuk. His full name is Lee Hyukjae. He recently made a Twitter account.

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