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Drica Morais is a Brazilian actress who recently had bone marrow cancer. Tonight she gave her first interview after her recovery.

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Luizianne Lins is a Brazilian journalist, politician and current mayor of Fortaleza/Ceara. She has been on TTs because she was pictured on tv by side of Mrs. Dilma Rousseff during her first speech adressing Brazilian voters tonight (Oct. 31st/2010).

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Dinho Ouro Preto is the singer & frontman of Brazilian rock band Capital Inicial.

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Cause we're sexy!

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Globo News is the cable network from Brazilian TV powerhouse Rede Globo. It has been mentioned on TTs because of their coverage of the 2010 Brazilian presidential elections. Trending especially because of president-elect Dilma Rousseff supporters being critical of the network's coverage.

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Cludia Raia is a Brazilian actress who appeared in a program answering questions from viewrs.

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It is the hashtag that has been used to celebrate the day of the official announcement of Mrs. Dilma Rousseff as the new president of Brazil on Oct. 31st/2010. She is the first woman to reach such position in the history of Brazil.

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cibele dorsa

People are reporting that she has committed suicide.

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Mayara Petruso is a young woman & a twitter user from Brazil. She made an instant notoriety on twitter because she did xenophobic comment posted on her twitter and facebook. See her comments (Portuguese) at.

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lei maria

Monique Evans mistook Lei Maria da Penha (Law that prohibits violence against women) with Lei Maria da Graa.

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