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Dutch for Germany. Trending because of the third place match between Germany and Uruguay at the World Cup on Saturday, July 10th.

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Spanje is the dutch word for Spain. Spain is in major financial problems, coping with its national debt. Dutch are worried about the fact that Spain might get in the Greece situation, or even financially collapse.

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Dutch for Orange, which is the name of the Dutch royal family, and therefore also for the Netherlands. Currently in use for the national football team, which will play against Spain in the finals of the FIFA World Cup.

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Semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest held today. Armenia !

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Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

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antonie kamerling

Dutch actor Antonie Kamerling (44) commited suicide. Leaving two kids and his wife Isa Hoes, an actress.

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Dutch for soccer. Trending because of the game (The Netherlands - Uruguay) today.

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City in the south of the Netherlands. The railway station was evacuated after a package was found which might contain a bomb.

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conny mus

Conny Mus is a famous Dutch correspondant for a well-known newsstation. He died from a cardiac arrest today August 20th.

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femke halsema

Femke Halsema (Green Party) announced to leave the Dutch politics.

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