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Philadelphia Eagles Traded Star Quarterback Donovan McNabb To The Washington Redskins.

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Washington Redskins will start Rex Grossman over Donovan McNabb this Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

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The Minnesota Vikings have reportedly agreed to acquire Donovan McNabb from the Washington Redskins.

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National Football League - American Football player Michael Vick was reinstated to the National Football League today.

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The 75th National Football League (NFL) Draft is currenlty being held at Radio City Music Hall in New York. This year the NFL is instituting a three-day draft for the first time, and the first two nights are in primetime.

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Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre has flown to Minnesota to inform the team of his decision to either retire or play another year.

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robert morris

Robert Morris has a chance of upsetting Villanova in an NCAA college basketball game, in the NCAA Tournament.

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tiki barber

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber announced plans to come out of retirement.

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Villanova joined Louisville and Marquette as Big East teams to lose to 3 west coast teams: St. Mary's, Cal, and Washington.

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New England Patrriots star Wes Welker (who played at Texas Tech) tore his MCL/ACL.

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