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One of the dancers in So You Think You Can Dance 3.

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Somdev Devvarman, the Tennis player from India just won the Gold at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.

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Es un actor venezolano que visita mc donalds un dia / Hes an venezuelan actor and hes visiting mc donalds one day.

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diana vickers

Currently on the @chrismoylesshow.

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miqs be niqqin mufuxkz.

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Naheed Nenshi surprised many as the first visible minority to win a Calgary mayoral race and saw tremendous support from social media users during his campaign.

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Campaa a favor de la Lucha contra el Cncer de Senos.

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lorie saiu

Lorie is a participant in a brazilian tv program. She was elliminated today.

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don antero

Don Antero sells cocaine.

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