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elke maravilha

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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jenson button

Jenson Button takes 2nd in Qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix.

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Celso Portiolli is a brazilian tv presenter. He's hosting one of the segments of the brazilian version for Teleton charity tv show.

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Hipercard with Itau (Bank) gave 7.500.000.00 to Teleton -AACD !!

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aline barros

Brazilian gospel singer has launched ninth DVD last month.

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Verga de pana que no se que es esta Mierda!!! Hahaha.

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Comedian that was interviewed last night on "Programa do J" show (like the David Letterman Show).

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Be the third to explain why this is trending!

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CPMF is a tax that "haunts" brazilian people. It is not active nowadays but there is discussion to bring it back. The tax was used between 1997 and 2007 with a tax rate of 0,38% of all bank transactions. Supposedly all the money government made with CPMF went to heath care.

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cesar polvilho

EN: Cesar Polvilho is the fictional name of Eduardo Sterblitch, a popular comedian from TV Show Panico na TV. He's being interviewed right now in the J Soares' TV program. PT: Csar Polvilho (Eduardo Sterblitch) se apresenta, no momento, no programa do J Soares.

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