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because codie said so.

Similar Topics: google ceo, wikileaks app, eric schmidt, more topics...

google ceo

Google CEO: Twitter A 'Poor Man's Email System' - http://tinyurl.com/dxtzfn

Similar Topics: larry page, eric schmidt, wikileaks app, more topics...

wikileaks app

An unofficial WikiLeaks iOS App was surprisingly accepted by Apple onto the App Store but was later pulled, with no reason given. People are tweeting reasons as to why this may have occurred and to show support for its founder, Julian Assange.

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eric schmidt

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said he "screwed up" in the area of social networking when he was chief executive officer of the world's largest Web- search provide.

Similar Topics: larry page, google ceo, gizmodo, more topics...

gsi commerce

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

Similar Topics: groupon files, lubrizol, epsilon, more topics...

billion downloads

The Apple App Store just hit 10 billion downloads. The person who downloaded the 10 billionth app will be announced soon. He/she will win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card.

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Spam. Don't click any of the links, its a virus.

Similar Topics: larry page, google instant, google ceo, more topics...

larry page

Larry Page becoming CEO of Google as of April 4. Eric Schmidt stepping down.

Similar Topics: eric schmidt, google ceo, gizmodo, more topics...

groupon files

Groupon filed for its IPO today.

Similar Topics: google ceo, gsi commerce, autonomy, more topics...

google instant

Google has brought its fast Google Instant search to mobile devices with support for the iPhone and Android, the company announced today.

Similar Topics: google latitude, continuum, white iphone, more topics...

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