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Os fs indicam @F292 . Escuta ai @RickBonadio ...

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val baiano

Val Baiano is a Brazilian footballer. He resigned his contract with CR Flamengo today.

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F292 is a great, brand new band, from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) which will perform in the 2011 Rock In Rio festival, alongside with The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Snow Patrol.

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Director/Writer Quentin Tarantino has released his Top 20 films of 2010.

Similar Topics: Similar topics are not yet computed.


Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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lily marinho

Lily Marinho, the widow of Roberto Marinho - TV mogul in Brazil - passed away today.

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jar jar

jar jar is an alien from star wars ele parece um sapo zuado pra carai.

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The Ultimate Fighter veteran Brad Tavares brutally beat Phil Baroni with a combination of kicks and punches at 4:20 of the first round.

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butequis negads

PT: Sexta-Feira Dia de BUTEQUIS NEGADS. Dia de se divertir e ter muito Happy Hour... Chega de trabalho e vamos curtir... EN: Friday is Day BUTEQUIS NEGADS. Have fun and go to a happy hour.

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People are [ironically] stating that Santa Claus exist, posting situations they pretend to believe.

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