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Paula Fernandes, the girl who was former president of the brazilian singer Luan Santana Fan's Club has died.

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LS = Luan Santana, a very popular country singer with children in Brazil. "Pra Sempre com voce" is one of his songs, meaning "forever with you".

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luansbrazilianday comvoceluans lealdadesempre

Luan Santana is a brazilian singer, and yesterday she delayed a concert for more than 2 hours because of a problem in his privet jat. The trend says something similar to "We are always with you" and "Loyalty" from his fans, beacuse producers of the concert and the audience didn't like it. The trend is so long because they also celebrating the fact that the singer will be at "Brazilian Day" in New York this year.

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It means "shut up. Lobao!" Lobo is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, musician and television presenter.

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Demonstrao afetiva das fs do cantor @luansantana.

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rafael domingos

Popular Brazilian singer Luan Rafael Domingos Santana performs tonight.

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People with bad musical taste is tweeting that they love Luan Santana, a bad Brazilian country singer.

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pessoas pedindo pra seguir um vesguinho que canta musica de bixa.

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Luan Santana is a 19 year old Brazilian singer who has released two albums. His new record is called Adrenaline.

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Seems that the trending topics in Brazil became a place just to show your support for someone/something. Now it's Luan Santana's fans. 'Orgulho da Familia LS' is 'Pride of the LS Family' in portuguese.

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