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farm town serving

Mashable Story: Farm Town Serving malware via ads to Facebook users.

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facebook users

WARNING: Farm Town Serves Malware Ads to Facebook Users

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mobile web will rule

RTs of a @Mashable story: "New Study Shows the Mobile Web Will Rule by 2015 [STATS]"

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boost your seo

RTs of @Mashable article: "HOW TO: Boost Your SEO with a YouTube Channel"

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twitter promoted

@mashable RTs: Twitter Promoted Tweets Are Live

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great spotify hints

People are re-tweeting a Mashable article about Spotify, the music streaming software.

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fan made pre ad

@mashable RT: Fan Made Pre Ad is Better Than Most Official Pre Ads

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mozilla ceo stepping

@mashable RTs: Mozilla CEO Stepping Down.

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unique ways

RTs of a @Mashable piece: "5 Unique Ways to Use Twitter for Business"

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linkedin launches

Part of "LinkedIn Launches Tons of New Link-Sharing Features [PICS]: LinkedIn has just released some major upgrade http://ow.ly/1BcZ0". People are retweeting it.

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